Keeping it Real


So, the trip is now ended and I’m back home in Aberdour. Over the course of the 18 days on the road trip Evie and I clocked up 3,363 miles and spent 83.5 hours driving – nearly 3.5 days – and every one of those hours and miles was a joy. What fun we’ve had!

My time in San Clemente was equally good and I manged to surf on 45 of the 58 days I was there. It was really superb that Alex, Harriet and Jenny were able to come out and join in the fun. The work for the food bank and helping at the adaptive surfer sessions added extra depth, vitality and some personal connection to the area. I made some new friends and to top it all I even got a suntan – me, Blackpool Boy! Who’d have thought it…

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog as for me it’s been therapeutic, entertaining and helped me get my head around the fact that I’ve had the chance to do this amazing thing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my (mis)adventures, however I should come clean and say that I intend to keep writing on these pages, it’ll not be about surfing or trees, parks or mountains necessarily, but I’ll try to keep it entertaining. Thanks for keeping me company.

Now, as a final sign-off for this part…

When you’re on the road it’s good to mix things up a little and have a bit of fun along the way. Evie suggested that when we ask people to take photos of us, rather than the usual strike a pose and click, why don’t we jump in the air and get them to capture that instead – channeling our inner Van Halen, as it were.

So we did. It rarely worked first time (heads or feet were missing from pictures, other times we’d already landed etc.) and so several attempts were required before we could be captured in mid-flight. But it never failed to bring a smile to people’s faces – the results are below. See if you can look at them without laughing, I know I can’t…

San Luis Obispo
Big Sur
Golden Gate Bridge
Lost Coast
Crater Lake
Lake Tahoe
Sequoia National Park