Better Waves Make for Better Filming


The last few days have all been about using the shortboard and then getting some more film footage. 

I’ve been really pleased with how I’ve got on with the shortboard as they’re difficult to get the hang of, this is because they’re a lot more agile, move much quicker and are a lot less stable. Best comparison would be if a longboard is a BMW X5 (chunky, gets the job done, no fuss, dependable), the shortboard would be it’s cheeky younger sibling the BMZ Z4 (zippier, instant fun, not for everyone). Apologies for the car reference and also to anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. However, simply put, the shortboard was really hard work, because:

  • Lots more paddling was required 
  • I needed to learn the sweet spot to stand on the board
  • It’s only really effective in larger, peakier wave conditions
  • It offers far shorter rides as they run out of steam a lot quicker.

That said I’m still using it and trying to master it, but it’s not returning as much fun for me as the longboard.

As the waves have been smaller this week I’ve been out on the longboard the last couple of days and have got some more film footage.

The links below take you to my YouTube channel where all the clips are stored, please click to view:

1. April 30th – great shot of a following wave

2. April 30th – Longest ride of the day – try not to fall asleep while watching…

3. May 1st – Riding a good stretch of unbroken water

4. May 1st – Cruising over and beating the foam

5. May 1st – Nose down, wipeout – this is what happens when you’re stood too far forward 

6. May 1st – Oh yeah!! – this is what it’s like when it all goes right